Deposits & Earnings


Squirrel Finance offers two products users may farm with, Farms and Vaults. Deposits may be withdrawn at anytime from either with no lockup period. All vaults work the same. All Farms work the same, with the exception of the NUTS Farm.


Your deposits into vaults on Squirrel will start increasing and compounding automatically. Earnings made from farming will increase your deposited amount. The rate of return should be equal to the displayed APY, all fees are already factored in. You get what you see. In addition, Squirrel Finance distributes a fixed amount of NUTS over the week to users staking in vaults. The amount you get is equivalent to the weekly bonus multiplied by your % share of the vault. These NUTS will need to be manually harvested or compounded.


Farms on Squirrel may either accept an LP or a single asset as a deposit. Farms earn a different asset than the deposited asset. Rewards should start accumulating immediately. The rate of return should be equal to the displayed APR, all fees are already factored in. Farming rewards will need to be manually harvested. Like all vaults, all farms distribute NUTS to users staking funds proportional to your % share of the farm.


The NUTS Farm is the only farm on Squirrel that does not get a NUTS bonus. Instead, 100% of insurance fees collected by Squirrel are used to buyback NUTS on the open market and pooled to distribute. This does not generate any new NUTS but instead redistributes them from the open market to users staking, while reducing the available supply on the open market. If the distribution transaction fails (ie: due to network congestion) the payout rolls over until the next distribution, which will be larger.

Inactive Farms

Squirrel Finance may retire its farms or vaults from time to time. This may be required to keep up with the ever changing DeFi landscape and as partnerships come and go. Inactive Farms can be found on the 'Inactive Farms' tab at the top of the farming page. If you were using an active farm that got changed to inactive and did not manage to withdraw your funds before it got moved, you may find it here. Your funds will continue to accumulate tokens, however no NUTS will be earnt and insurance cover will decrease. So we definitely recommend you withdraw your funds from the inactive farms and move them to an active one.